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Opera Bastille, Paris [ENA] This weekend the Opera Bastille in Paris celebrates the premier of Lohengrin written by Richard Wagner and in interpretation of Kirill Serebrennikov who made it a really epic and unforgettable experience. To add to this a really fantastic cast team with such world famous singers as Piotr Beczala made this evening a really unforgettable experience, a real fest of all senses.

Lohengrin is one of Wagner's most famous works, showcasing his innovative approach to opera and his development of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" or "total work of art" concept. It is a romantic opera in three acts that blends elements of Germanic mythology, medieval legend, and Christian themes. The story is set in Antwerp, Belgium, and revolves around the struggle for power and the quest for justice and truth.

The opera begins with Elsa of Brabant, a noblewoman accused of murdering her brother Gottfried, heir to the throne. Elsa claims innocence and prays for a champion to defend her. A knight in shining armor, Lohengrin, arrives in a boat drawn by a swan and offers to defend Elsa. However, he imposes a condition: she must never ask his name or his origin. Ortrud manipulates Elsa into asking Lohengrin about his origins, causing him to reveal his identity as a knight of the Holy Grail and the son of Parsifal. Due to this revelation, Lohengrin is forced to leave Elsa and return to the Grail.

Wagner's music in "Lohengrin" is characterized by its rich orchestration, leitmotifs (recurring musical themes associated with characters or ideas), and integration of music and drama to convey emotions and enhance the narrative which is the relationship between love and trust. It is a significant opera that showcases the composer's unique style, musical innovation, and deep exploration of themes and mythology. It continues to be a beloved and influential work in the world of opera.

Kirill Serebrennikov who is a prominent Russian theater and film director, playwright, and artistic director and who is known for his innovative and often provocative work put Lohengrin into new conceptual reality, into the reality of war and peace and into controversial discourse on politics and society. Serebrennikov is not only known for his theater work but also for his contribution to the Russian cinema and several of his movies received international recognition. He also received numerous awards and honors for his work, both in Russia and internationally and has been featured at prestigious film festivals.

With his Lohengrin Kirill Serebrennikov creates a testament to the power of art to challenge societal norms and to provoke discussions about important and controversial societal issues. The operas under direction of Serebrennikov speak to all senses as they involve various innovative elements such as triptychs in the stage setting or video installations and elements. In these innovations Lohengrin follows another masterpiece of Serebrennikov, the opera Parsifal which was shown the last year at the Vienna State Opera.

The role of Lohengrin is being performed by Piotr Beczała who is a highly acclaimed Polish operatic tenor known for his exceptional vocal talent, dramatic interpretation, and magnetic stage presence. Beczała has established himself as one of the leading tenors of his generation, performing on prestigious stages around the world. Beczała has received numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the world of opera, including the International Opera Award for Best Male Singer in 2014 and the Gold Medal of the City of Vienna. His artistry has been recognized for its technical brilliance and emotional resonance.

The emotional power of this performance is much stronger than of any other opera which is due to innovative stage elements and activation of all senses but also due to the critical rethinking of war, suffering and the meaning of life. It shows all creativity and vividness of Serebrennikov's imagination. This weekend was the start and there are still several changes to visit this really breath taken opera performance. This is also a debut of Serebrennikov at the Opera Bastille. Let us wish him all success and look forwards to his further inspiring productions.

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