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EU tenders journalism grants of whopping €4.2m

Verantwortlicher Autor: Jochen Raffelberg Brussels, 13.08.2019, 16:32 Uhr
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Brussels [ENA] The European Union tenders a whopping €4.2m in grants for media freedom and investigative journalism projects. A Call for Proposals said submissions must cover either a Europe-wide response mechanism for violation of press and media freedom; cross-border investigative journalism; or investigative journalism and media freedom in the EU. Media organizations and journalists can apply for a grant by 27 September.

According to the European Commission eligible organizations must be established in EU Member States. The tender addresses pilot projects and preparatory initiatives including a Europe-wide rapid response mechanism for violation of press and media freedom alleviating the consequences of the deterioration of press and media freedom in certain EU Member States and Candidate Countries. It aims to bring violations to the forefront, provide practical help to journalists under threat as well as encompass fact-finding, advocacy, monitoring, informing the European public and awareness- raising. A budget of €1.5m is available to support one consortium of organizations working to uphold media freedom and safety of journalists.

Additional grants will support investigative reporting involving journalists from at least two EU countries, highlighting issues of common interest to citizen of several Member States thus strengthening the EU media sphere. This preparatory action will build on the ‘European research grants for journalistic investigations, #IJ4EU’ project and fund activities of one consortium of organizations with a budget of €1.4m. Another pilot project under the tender will select three to five beneficiaries/consortia supporting independent, collaborative journalism in the EU Member States and promoting media freedom across the EU and help raising awareness of media freedom, quality and ethical journalism for democracy. Budget: almost €1.3m.

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